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On-line resources for the Agile Tridion Development talk

Posted by Dominic Cronin at Jun 01, 2014 08:05 PM |
Links to on-line resources for the Agile Tridion Development talk I gave at the Tridion Developer summit 2014, Amsterdam.

This is mostly for those of you who attended my talk at the Tridion Developer Summit 2014. I talked about Agile Tridion development, and during the talk touched on various subjects, mostly related to automated testing. For what it's worth, you can download the Powerpoint, although, much of the talk consisted of live demos, and the content of the slides isn't a complete representation of the talk. I'll try to link to enough things though.

Firstly, in my introduction, I made reference to this blog, ( and to the Tridion Practice project.  I also referred to Indivirtual, where I work as principal consultant, and to the Indivirtual blog, where I'm one of the bloggers. (And if you're trying to remember the name of our sister company that provides, among other things, specialist Tridion hosting, that was Sentia.)

Part of the talk was about a scripted approach to creating test components. This script is now online as a recipe in the Tridion Cookbook (part of Tridion Practice).

I also did a demonstration of the T-cubed testing framework, which was created in collaboration with Quirijn Slings and Andrey Marchuk at last year's SDL Tridion MVP retreat.

I also demonstrated automatic validation of web pages using a local instance of the W3C validator. There is now an article on how to set up such a validator on the Indivirtual blog. Having set up a server, you'll also want to be able to use it to perform validations from within your test code. For this purpose, I created a modified version of a client library by María Eugenia Fernández Menéndez. This modified version is online at

I have also placed the demo solution online at Although this was never intended to be a tutorial resource, it does serve to illustrate how from the a single test suite you can mix and match between executing T-Cubed tests, validating HTML,  as well as the other (more standard?) kind of web testing that I demonstrated using Selenium web driver and the page object pattern (which is perhaps only loosely followed in the demo, but it's a demo!).

So - I think I've pretty much got everything online now. If there's anything I've missed, please let me know. It was a great experience to prepare and deliver the talk, and especially to see the animated discussion at the end. I don't expect all of the things I demoed will be relevant for everyone, but I do hope that you all managed to take away at least one useful thing.