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Watch out for this Tridion quantum leap!

Posted by Dominic Cronin at Sep 07, 2019 04:20 PM |

With the release of SDL Tridion's Sites 9.1, they've made a startling leap in their platform support for Java.

In Sites 9, Java 8 is supported. It's not deprecated, and Java 11 is not yet mentioned.

In Sites 9.1, Java 8 support is totally gone, and the only supported version is Java 11.

I was certainly caught out. In trying to puzzle out a plausible upgrade path, before I'd actually read through and absorbed all the details, I'd raised a support ticket that turned out to be unnecessary, or at least premature. We'll be going to Sites 9, so the leap to Java 11 is a little further up the road.

I get it that they have all sorts of good reasons for this. The only possible scenario I can think of for not deprecating Java 8 is that they didn't know this was needed when they released Sites 9. It's also true that we have very, very little of the Tridion product actually baked in to the application these days.

I'm still calling this a gotcha.