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Republish from publish queue for Tridion 2011

Posted by Dominic Cronin at Mar 21, 2011 06:20 PM |
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Many of you will remember that absolutely the most popular Tridion extension ever :-) was my Republish from publish queue extension. It has just come to my attention that Bart Koopman has implemented pretty much the same thing for Tridion 2011.

First of all - it's great to see this old chestnut get a new lease of life. Thanks Bart.

Just in case anyone thinks Bart nicked my idea - well he didn't. We were both inspired by Hendrik Tredoux's idea which he posted on the ideas site way back. (Actually the "most voted" idea on the site to this day.) The irony of it is that although Hendrik was the one who posted the idea - he could probably have implemented it in his sleep, and the people of whom that is true would make a very short list indeed. Hopefully, with the great extensibility API in 2011, the list will be much longer.

But back to the main theme. That's the great thing with a software community; we're all throwing ideas around and bouncing off each other. I love it. The really good part is that right now I'm just a tad too busy to re-implement this extension for 2011 (it was on my to-do list - honest!) and now I don't have to. I suppose I should at least find the time to download Bart's extension and kick the tyres. :-)

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