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PWN'ed at Egmond

Posted by Dominic Cronin at Jan 19, 2008 10:15 PM |

The 36th Egmond Half Marathon took place last Sunday (13th January). Thirty Six years is an impressive score; they began long before distance running became popular. Anyway - for some bizarre reason, after finishing the Amsterdam half, I signed up for Egmond, regardless of the fact that the last time I did anything cross-country was at school. The Egmond event begins with 3-4 kilometres through the village, followed by a 7 kilometre stretch along the beach. From there, you come back along peat paths through the dunes until you eventually get onto brick paths that take you back to the village and the finish line.


My official time from the chip was 1:56:53, placing me 3339 out of 6174.

The official timing also gave me a split at the half way point (10.5 km) of 57:46.

From my own watch I took splits at 10 and 15 km, as follows:

10km: 53:29:00
15km: 1:22:47:20

so as you can see, it was slow going. I was pleased just to get round the course in one piece.

The event was sponsored by PWN, a local water company (I think). So anyway - I've been PWN'd. Pure water and Nature. To tell the truth, when you're plodding along that beach, you aren't much thinking about the beauties of nature. At one point in the dunes, I looked up and for want of something positive with which to exercise my mind, I paid particular attention to the aforementioned beauties. You've still got to keep putting one foot in front of the other....

Anyway - as it turns out, the last post to this blog was when I finished the Amsterdam half. Time I started writing some technical posts.