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Posted by Dominic Cronin at Mar 25, 2009 01:15 AM |

It's a predicate. That's the name of the thing, a predicate. Why can't I remember that?

So there I was, trying to explain some XPath thing to one or two of the guys on the project, and I kept hitting this mental block. The things in the squaredy-brackets; what the heck is that called? You know - those things that denote some sort of truth value that indicates membership in a set. The flippin' WHERE-CLAUSE thingys in an XPath. Jeez - you know what I mean anyway - why is it this hard?

It's called a predicate. I knew that - really!

Some words don't stick in my brain. I used to try to conquer this problem by solving crosswords, but then you end up with crossword compilers with warped minds. I recall being driven to distraction by one crossword clue which used gambolas a synonym for capriole. How can you cope with that?