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OK - so now I'm sick of that chinese-ish guy staring at me

Posted by Dominic Cronin at Jun 15, 2007 09:55 PM |

I'm re-installing the Orcas beta again. That's OK - it's a Beta - you expect that kind of thing. But hang on a second.... isn't that the same sort-of-chinese-guy-but-with-arnold-schwarzenegger's-chin that was staring at me when I installed VS2005? And the vaguely-chinese-ish girl in the lab-coat? And what about the guy with all the teeth that might be sort-of-indianish-but-maybe-southern-european-with-a-deep-tan?

Oh heck - I don't blame Microsoft per se. My own company's stock-marketing-photos are the subject of a previous rant, but honestly - I keep wondering if any of those people have ever written a line of code, and if not, why TF are they staring out at me as I install my tools?

It just strikes me that Microsoft's marketing department has carefully chosen these images to avoid offending anyone, like say with the notion that a programmer might be a white bloke with a bit of a beer belly - in the second half of his forties. Don't want to do any stereotyping there eh? On the other hand - at DevDays this week, the only good-looking people there were myself and ScottGu. I don't suppose he writes any more code than I do, what with his speaking programme and all.

Anyway - enough! I thoroughly enjoyed Scott's talks - in addition to beingĀ  a powerful advocate for his products, he manages to pitch it directly at the well-informed-but-caffiene-starved programmer. Nice one Scott.