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I'm an Idea Machine!

Posted by Dominic Cronin at Mar 28, 2019 02:15 PM |

Apparently, I'm an "Idea Machine". Who'da thought it?

So.... the SDL community site just gave me the Idea Machine badge. Apparently you get this for submitting five ideas. Alright, alright - I'll get over myself, really. Just let me enjoy the moment!! :-)

But seriously... for all the nonsense of online achievements, badges and whatever... submitting ideas is a really good... um.. idea. Many of us are working with Tridion software day in and day out, and sometimes you come across something that could be better, or even just something a bit irritating. Chances are you aren't the only one who would appreciate an improvement. So do us all a favour, hold that thought and pop along to, or  the relevant site for you, and post your idea.

Once your idea is in, people can vote it up or down and comment on it. You can also be sure that it will be seen by people from R&D and product management. The only down side of the whole thing is that they have an "ideation wiki". Ideation?  Ideation? Really. Maybe they'll have to find some cweatives for that.

Oh what the heck?! Come on folks! Get ideating!!!