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I have no friends

Posted by Dominic Cronin at Sep 15, 2007 11:05 AM |

So flushed with my success on LinkedIn I joined Facebook.

er.. yeah ... my success on LinkedIn huh? Right - well I've got 136 connections - cool eh? Full of life-changing goodness! Give me a break!

And then on Facebook, they aren't called connections, they're called friends - so I joined, and the first thing it told me was "You have no friends".

What do we do this for? LinkedIn has been completely bloody useless to me, other than giving me another compulsion to feed. To be honest, all it's good for is finding out when former colleagues change jobs. Hey - even if you get escorted off the premises by a security guard, at least you can still spam your contacts eh?

But perhaps enough youthful trendliness will rub off from Facebook on to me to stave off the inevitable mid-life crisis for another year or two. Ain't holding my breath though.