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Agile Correctness

Posted by Dominic Cronin at May 02, 2007 07:35 PM |

In his post Getting annoyed at Agile Correctness, Sam Gentile blows off a little steam at the people who engage in religious zealotry regarding agile practices. This amused me rather, as I recently had an encounter in which it seemed I was being accused of not being "agile enough".


Me: There are some of these tasks that we definitely need to do first. They are pre-requisites for tasks that need to come later.

Person who shall remain nameless: So you need to know everything before we start? We're in a conception phase!

Me: No - I just said we'll need to do some things first, and then the things that depend on them.

PWSRN: So you need to know everything before we start?

Me: I don't recall any such words leaving my mouth. (While thinking: What part of "we'll need to do some things first" did you manage to mis-translate?)

Whatever! It took a little longer to get there... I guess some people just can't metabolise clue.


A few days later, I got back from a short break to find that they'd arbitrarily switched the first and second elbonation phases, failing to note that this broke at least one dependency. Ho hum.